LAN Solutions Grid Feed Photovoltaic Solar System Live Output Statistics

LAN Solutions is a proud producer its own green energy and encourages others to do the same.
We would like to thank for supplying and maintaining an excellent tool for monitoring and comparing individualís PV solar energy outputs.

This Grid Feed Solar Power Generation System is comprised of 27 German Designed Schott Solar Panels that face approximately 4 degrees east off true north on a 25 degree tilt. The Inverter is an Aurora PVI 5000 (5kW) made by Power One in Italy. PC connectivity is via CAT 5 LAN cable and a Moxa RS485 to RS232 (COM Port) converter. Data collection is handled by Aurora Communicator Software at the PC end, stored in a daily .log file every minute, then passed through to the site every 10 minutes via a custom designed service provided by

The statistics below indicate the following:

  • 4.995kW = The system size.
  • Enegy = Total energy generated and transferred to the supply grid so far today.
  • Power = The Current Power Output of the System.
  • Efficiency = The efficiency level that it is currently running at.
  • Date and Time = The last time the stats were updated.
  • Solar System Live Output Statistics


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